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Security / Alarm Systems

Vehicle Security

This is the part where we tell you how awesome Pro Audio’s alarms are. All alarms come with two remotes, lifetime warranty (with our installation), shock sensor, keyless entry (as long as the vehicle already has power door locks), starter kill, and peace of mind. Other specific features, such as window control, hood and trunk pin triggers,¬†electric trunk release control etc., are available for most vehicles.
P.S. Don’t forget to ask the guys at Pro Audio about GPS tracking and cell phone controlled alarms.

Long range and 2-way communication

Activate your remote start system, lock your vehicle and receive instant feedback on your transmitter from up to a mile away! Perfect for those who live in apartments or work in office buildings where the vehicle may not be within eyesight. Your transmitter can give you instant confirmation if your vehicle is successfully started or if the alarm is triggered.

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