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Professional vs. DIY Car Audio Installation

Professional vs. DIY Car Audio Installation

If you’re considering a DIY car audio installation, you’ll have to do your homework. You will also have to acquire a variety of specialized tools and equipment. Even then, you run the risk of causing problems with your vehicle or damaging the audio equipment you’ve already invested in.

Ultimately, installing your own car stereo may not save you any money and, in fact, it could end up costing you more than you realize.

You Could Void Your Vehicle Warranty

In some cases, opening up your car’s dash and messing with the vehicles electronics systems could void your manufacturer’s warranty. At the absolute minimum, any damage you cause will not be covered by your warranty.

You Could Cause Damage to Your Vehicle

The car audio installation process requires popping off panels, opening up the dash, disconnecting wires and a myriad of other activities that are a recipe for disaster. Most vehicles require specialty tools to accomplish this. For example, some auto manufacturers install the factory stereo equipment using special security screws to deter thieves. They’ll deter you too and, if you try to force it, you could end up doing serious damage.

You Could Fry Your New Car Audio Components

Today’s automotive electronics are highly complex and components are often inextricably connected. Cross the wrong wires or hook something up backwards and, in addition to damaging your car’s electrical system, you could short-circuit the new speakers, head unit or amplifier you dropped a bundle on.

You Could Get Hurt

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you run the risk of electrical shock when you try to install your own car audio system. You also risk creating a fire hazard inside the vehicle, should you wire something incorrectly. And nobody wants to have a “carbecue” on the freeway.

You Could Get Unsatisfactory Results

If you get past all the other challenges and actually get your car audio system installed without causing yourself or your vehicle any serious harm, you still have no assurance that your system will sound right.

With literally thousands of brands, models and types of car stereo equipment on the market, you need a thorough working knowledge of audio electronics to design a system that works harmoniously with your vehicle. And then, after all your time, effort and money, you could end up having to seek help from a professional anyway.

Before you attempt a do-it-yourself installation, contact Pro Audio Pro 4×4 in Provo, Utah. Our highly trained and experienced installers understand everything about designing and installing car stereo systems as well as video, navigation and security systems. We carry all the components you could ever imagine, from the manufacturers you know and love. Our prices are surprisingly affordable and we can help you design a system that fits your budget as well as your needs.

Before you try a DIY car audio installation, call or drop by for a personalized cost estimate.


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