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Navigation Systems

In-Dash Navigation

Pro Audio has a great selection of in dash navigation systems. Never get lost again. When you’re looking for a totally integrated solution for your vehicle, an in-dash system is the only way to fly. You get the benefits of navigation, but can also integrate your iPod, DVD and Bluetooth enabled telephone into one central location.

Much more than just giving you directions…

A lot of people say to us, “I know my way around here, Why would I need navigation?” Utah, for the most part, is pretty easy to get around, but an in-dash navigation unit will do much more than just tell you how to get from point A to point B. If you’re low on gas, simply tell your navigation unit to “Find the nearest Chevron.” It will route you to the closest gas station to your choice. Maybe you’re not sure when your favorite restaurant closes. Type its name into your navigation unit to locate, then press the call button to instantly connect you using your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Maybe add a back-up camera to the screen to help you park in tricky places or hitch up your boat. Tremendous flexibility, convenience and control await you with your new in-dash navigation system!

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